About Us

Dear All,

These days, smart phones, tablets and computers can do more than connect us with long-lost friends or enable us to quickly check the score of our favorite sports team.  Families increasingly are turning to these technologies for safe, fast and affordable ways to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for non-emergency conditions. While telemedicine has been around for many years and has typically been used to connect rural patients to specialists, improving their access to quality care. Dr Chinmay shah from Government Medical College Bhavnagar along with Mr. Urvish B. Mulani from UBM infotech has come up with a free telemedicine platform. Doctor and patient both can contact each other using platform :http://telemedicines.co.in/

 What Patient can do? 

  • Register with platform. Contact doctors available on platform, share their complaint. Get online or offline appointment. 
  • Update by SMS and Mail id, once doctor give appointment. Get treatment by SMS and Mail Id. 

 What Doctor  can do?

  • Specify your time and day of availability. Once patient wants your help, you will receive mail and sms stating his few important details.
  • They can give online/offline appointment.  You can sent treatment using this platform, you will copy of same in your mail for your record.

We request you to register online at http://telemedicines.co.in/          

You can also use mobile application for easy access. Download from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=u.TelMed&hl=en_IN

if you are happy with this free service you can help us by donation for a appropriate cause using this link: Donate